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New GM and CCL!

We wanted to give a huge shout-out to Nippy and Tatiana! Nippy is now our new CCL and Tatiana is the General Manager! You already know that Nippy and Tatiana are excited to be in their new roles for Valkyrie!

Nippy says that, “Being CCL for Valk has already been a dream come true. I love this org, it’s become a family for me.” Nippy believes that, “The Content Team here is already top tier, but there is always work that can be done. I want to make sure they can use the tools and resources available to shine.”

Some of Nippy’s main goals as CCL are to promote safety and charity! He believes that, “the content team is going to take over.” Nippy definitely fits this new role and we are excited to see him succeed!

Tatiana started as content creator for Valkyrie and eventually was promoted to CCL. Without a doubt, Tatiana has dominated her role as CCL, and now she has earned that GM position! While talking to Tatiana she stated, “I’m nervous, but excited to tackle these challenges and learn a lot of new things!” She also stated that, “I believe that I’m set up for so much success in this org that I can definitely play a role in Valkyrie’s success.”

Confidence is key and these two have it! Again, congratulations to them both! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Valkyrie and what these two can bring to the table! #TheLegion

Check out their Twitter’s below!

Tatiana- @t4tiana04

Nippy- @twitchitsnippy

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