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Our Valorant squad finishes the group stage of AGN with a record of 2-4. We are going into the playoffs as a low seed, but we have high hopes as always!

Mystical and KaiC have been removed from the roster, so now it’s time for Odi to join the starting lineup going into playoffs. With Odi joining the starting lineup, we are excited to see how this team does!

According to Natto, “The team is expecting a hard fight through playoffs because of the more experienced teams in the league.” Natto is confident in the team even with the new team changes. Natto states that, “but, with the new team changes recently, we have a better flow together and we have been practicing structuring the team better.”

When Natto speaks for the team, he speaks highly! Natto says that, “We can’t wait to show what we can do as a team.”

We appreciate the support from all of you guys and hope to see our Valorant team on top of the leaderboards! #TheLegion

Mikey Hare
Mikey Hare

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