CS:GO made Advanced

We would like to give our CS:GO team a huge shout out and congrats for making Advanced! This team has definitely worked hard and they deserve it!

According to NoVa, “We started playoffs as the 24th seed, which was definitely not as high as we’d have liked, but definitely also a manageable seed for getting to top 16.”

As we all know this roster had a lot of changes this season. NoVa mentioned that, “This season had a lot of switch ups, two roster moves, and eight days of break total in the months since picking up Raven, but we made Advanced.”

This team has had their ups and downs but they worked hard and made it! The competition was tough, but this team was able to adapt and prove their worth! Again, congratulations to them!

Mikey Hare
Mikey Hare

Collegiate gamer with a passion for writing!