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A New Addition!

As we all know, Valkyrie has a great group of content creators that provide daily entertainment to many fans. With that said, we are proud to welcome Omnitoast as a new addition to our content team!

Omnitoast provides a welcoming environment where all viewers are considered family. His stream is a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some fun content!

While Omnitoast does dabble in the world of competitive gaming with games like CSGO, you can usually expect to see Destiny 2 and many great story games! Overall, if a game interests him, he will play it!

The staff and fanbase here at Valkyrie are excited to have him on board! Please give a warm welcome to Omnitoast and tune in to watch this man in action! #TheLegion

Mikey Hare
Mikey Hare

Collegiate gamer with a passion for writing!